What's Behind The Research and Development of the Fat EZ Rider™

We have always loved the beach and all the activities it has to offer. This fascination coupled with a physics degree has resulted in the production of a fat tire adult bike line that easily rides on sand and whose aluminum frame, parts and gears can withstand the salt water and sand at the beach. We have been manufacturing these bikes for over 4 years.

The unique patented tire design features a large center bead for riding on the road and nobbies on the outside for greater grip on grass and trail, providing a comfortable and exciting ride on all terrains: from beach to mountain, trail to street, and even the snow!

Noticing that these bikes were extremely stable and easy to balance, We decided to design a children's bike that would eliminate the painful experience of falling off a bike when learning to ride. With the Fat EZ Rider™ from Go 'N' Grow Cycles, a child can learn on softer surfaces, like grass and sand and avoid the scraped knees that happen when learning with traditional bikes on asphalt.

But why stop there? Taking this kid's bicycle idea one step further, we then decided to make the children's bike adjustable. Our extensive knowledge of bike design helped us create a prototype that would be adjustable and grow with a child as they grew. The tires vary in size from 12", 16" and 20" and the front fork of the frame can be adjusted in four different positions.

The patented fat tire design allows a child to ride on any surface from sand, grass, trails even snow. And since the fat tire acts as a shock absorber, the child can try fun tricks too dangerous to do on a traditional bike.

The result is a bike that is cool and fun. We are excited to have your support in helping children worldwide safely learn how to ride a bike that will last from their first time learning through to their teenage years.

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